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Ancient Boost
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Basic Profile

  • Name: Ancient Boost
  • Country: United States


  • Categories: Supplements
  • Exhibitor Type: Manufacturers
  • Sponsorship Level: Bronze Expo
  • Current Distribution: Direct Only
  • Show Deals: 10% Discount
  • Attributes: Organic
  • Company name: Ancient Boost

Languages spoken

  • English

About My Show

Ancient Boost came about after searching for whole food supplements that follows the correct food combining rules and having the healthiest natural organic ingredients (

We believe in a holistic lifestyle, which means following our core values of the 'Eight Laws of Health' ( These values drive our business standards, product choices and business relationships, as a result we created Ancient Boost.

Unlike other brands that combine fruits and vegetables together, Ancient Boost does not follow this practice. Understanding the food combining rules will not only help your digestion system, but will help with your overall health, building a strong body and strong mind. In addition our products do not contain any juice powders, any extracts and no fillers. Ancient Boost is 100% whole organic Superfoods.

With the increasing amount of illness and diseases plaguing our society, we do not have to look far as to where most of them began, and unfortunately our poor health condition has been traced back to the consumption of preserved foods that are loaded with artificial ingredients and stripped of the nutrients needed to help build and maintain our body.

We believe in eating as close to the earth as possible and Ancient Boost fits into this category of being a Superfood supplement that will supply nutrients in the highest nutritional value.