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Brain Fruit Smoothies
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Basic Profile

  • Name: Brain Fruit Smoothies
  • Country: United States


  • Categories: Beverages, Grocery, Perishables
  • Women/Minority Owned: Minority Owned
  • Exhibitor Type: Manufacturers
  • Sponsorship Level: Bronze Expo
  • Current Distribution: Direct Only
  • Show Deals: 10% Discount
  • Attributes: Dairy-free
  • Company name: Brain Fruit Smoothies

Languages spoken

  • English

About My Show

Brain Fruit Smoothies is a coconut-based smoothie!! All of our smoothies are hand-crafted, organic, and dairy-free. Brain Fruit contains our very own coconut blend (patent pending)as the base. We use the whole fruits and vegetables, no purees, or watered-down fruit juices. We use this simple process to give you all of the dietary fiber from the fruits and veggies. Each one of our smoothies has at least 11 grams of protein. We use Agave as our sweetener.

What are you looking for?

For stores and/or distributors to carry Brain Fruit Smoothies

My Expertise

20 Years of expertise