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Ipanema Valley
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Basic Profile

  • Name: Ipanema Valley
  • Country: Canada


  • Categories: Produce, Snacks
  • Exhibitor Type: Manufacturers
  • Sponsorship Level: Gold Expo
  • Current Distribution: Direct Only
  • Show Deals: 20% Discount
  • Attributes: Dairy-free
  • Company name: Ipanema Valley

Languages spoken

  • English

About My Show

A NEW way to eat a banana!

We take bananas and square² them! Turning them into the richest, chewiest, all-natural snack on the planet! 1 square is 1 whole banana COMPRESSED and ready to EXPLODE with FLAVOR!!

The bananas we use are rescued from being wasted because they're deemed "imperfect". The result: farmer's receive a profit for what they would normally lose, food waste is curtailed, and the customer can enjoy an all-natural wholesome delight.

The philosophy of simple ingredients extends its way to our basic naked packaging style--we believe in selling food not packaging and strive to offer substance over style which is why we've taken the banana and done something truly different with it. No more same old same old snacks here!

What are you looking for?

Independent health food stores and supermarkets

My Expertise

Whole food based snacks